Krinolin is happy to finally, after many hardships, welcome you to a live concert in April! We have, in collaboration with Inkonst, found a format which makes it possible to enjoy live music in a safe and
creative way!

On April 13th we will arrange three short concerts in one evening, with one ensemble, for 8 lucky people per concert! Each concert is 20 minutes long. We will release tickets to 3 concerts, at 18:00, 18:30 and 19:00, 8 tickets per show.

How does it work?

15 minutes before each concert we invite the 8 people to the cozy
foajé at Inkonst where you can order your drink and prepare for the concert. After 15 minutes we invite you to Inkonsts big stage where you get to listen to 20 minutes of lovely live chamber music. After the concert we take you to Inkonst’s small stage, from where you can exit Inkonst through a separate entrance. Here you are welcome to stay for a bit to finish your drink in your own time and discuss the evening- all while keeping a safe distance, of course! This way we guarantee that we never gather more than 8 people in the same room at once. 

Remember that you can only sit 4 people at each table!


    • 15 minutes before the concert time written on your ticket: Welcome to our foajé!

    • At the time of the concert: Enter the big stage and enjoy 20 minutes of live music!

    • After the concert: Relax at Inkonst’s small stage and finish your drink in peace. Here you are welcome to stay for 15 minutes before you leave Inkonst through a separate door.

    Three rooms, 50 minutes and a unique music experience!

    Welcome to this exciting evening at Krinolin!